• Jason Tuvia

How much it costs to rent in the San Fernando Valley

Data provided to Curbed by real estate analyst CoStar shows that rents rose steadily over the last year across the San Fernando Valley, just as they have in the broader LA region. Prices increased in each of the 13 subregions of the Valley tracked by CoStar since August of last year.

Year-over-year data provided by CoStar show price bumps in nine of the 13 Valley submarkets, with an average increase of around 3.7 percent. Compare that to the rest of the LA metro area, where rents are also up, but not as much, by 3.4 percent.

Prices in the Central San Fernando Valley, which includes parts of Encino and Reseda, spiked 5.4 percent since last year—more than anywhere else in the LA area, other than the Antelope Valley (where rents soared 9.1 percent). Average monthly rents in this area are now $1,644 per month for a one-bedroom—still a bit below the $1,770 average for the whole LA area.

The three most expensive neighborhoods in the Valley (and their average monthly rents) are:

  • Woodland Hills: $2,094

  • Burbank: $1,995

  • Sherman Oaks: $1,897

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