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Shaun Nestor

Director of Operations


Shaun joined the Tuvia Group in 2021 as a Licensed Analyst, and was promoted in 2022 to Director of Operations. As part of the team, Shaun assists with day-to-day operation, and works directly under the Senior Managing Director to ensure the team is able to provide the best possible products and outcomes for their clients. Shaun thrives in a team environment, where he can work directly with brokers and associates to ensure quality and increase productivity. With his extensive background in organizational behavior, graphic design, writing, finance, and real estate, Shaun excels in devising creative implementations all while running major team operations.

   Committed to adding value to all of his business relationships, Shaun puts the needs of the team before his own. Shaun works to establish long-term relationships one day at a time with his team, their clients, and his clients. Trust must be the cornerstone of all his relationships.

   Before joining the Tuvia Group, Shaun focused on his own long-standing business in Residential Real Estate where he continues to maintain strong relationships with investors, friends, and other real estate professionals from Ventura to Los Angeles County.

   Having graduated from California Lutheran University with a BA in Philosophy and Business Administration, Shaun enjoys his free being with his wife, time playing music on guitar, writing as an independent author, and helping friends and family find housing.

CALDRE: #02071612

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