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Marcus and Millichap is the #1 commercial real estate investment firm in the nation. Our 80 offices nationally grossed over 42.6 Billion dollars just last year alone. We do this by utilizing firm-wide specialization. Each of our agents specialize in a specific product type and geographic area. This allows us to be the best equipped with relevant market information, and makes us the most qualified to handle your specific transaction. We operate solely on an exclusive listing basis. This commits your property to the market and allows us the opportunity to manage, with one voice, each aspect of marketing, underwriting, and closing your property. With this tool, we can control the period of time that this transaction takes to capture the highest NET dollar for you. This whole process is expedited through our financing division, Marcus and Millichap Capital Corporation (MMCC). Our financing arm maximizes our investors return through securing the best financing options available and guides us through all of the roadblocks that financing can present. That’s just the beginning, with so many tools at our disposal we’ve perfected the process to net you the highest price, in a controlled period of time, to ensure the smoothest closing process.



Marcus & Millichap agents are able to provide superior service and expertise to our clients through specialization, training, and our culture of collaboration. Each agent specializes in a property type and geographic region, gaining deep market knowledge in their area. Working together with specialists across the U.S. and Canada, they are able to connect clients with opportunities that match their unique needs.


Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation (MMCC) is a division of our company dedicated to providing our clients with the right capital solutions at the most competitive pricing, rates and terms. We are dedicated to understanding each client’s capital needs, and to creating tailored financing solutions based on their unique circumstances. Our highly experienced capital markets experts work side by side with Marcus & Millichap investment professionals to support clients through the entire loan closing process, from forming the right strategy through executing a transaction.


Our approach to achieving the best results for every client begins with understanding current market conditions and anticipating future trends. The expert analysts in our Research Services Division continuously monitor and report on a wide range of economic, demographic and real estate indicators. With this cutting-edge market research, we can advise our clients of existing asset performance and forecast future opportunities.


Marcus & Millichap provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services to all of our clients, from developers to REITs, high net-worth individuals to pension fund advisors and beyond. These services include asset analysis and opinion of value, property operations analysis, specific asset buy-sell strategy, market and submarket analysis and ranking, portfolio strategy by property type, and development and redevelopment feasibility studies. 

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